2021 Decoration Advice

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2021 Decoration Advice

2020 has been a challenging year that deeply affects us all. In the whole world; We were faced with many changes in terms of working conditions, psychological, commercial and health issues. Of course, this process also affected the decoration trains.

During the time we spent in our homes, we had the opportunity to think about our house and examine the trains. This process has also changed our understanding of decorating our homes. In this text In 2021 decoration suggestions we will be found.

It seems that the desire for a natural, simple life in which you will be comfortable in 2021 will also be reflected in decoration trends. Decoration trends offers suggestions with plain, straight and plain lines. 2021 decoration fashion The peace of wood, sea and nature enter your homes. 2021 offers you the opportunity to renew your living spaces and soul. You can get support from the interior architects.

Sea blue Trends

In 2021 decoration fashion, The most important color that draws attention is blue. We can find especially dark blue color on the walls. Dark blue is a color that goes well with white and can adapt to creative lighting ideas. You can feel the joy of blue and the peace of the sea in your homes.

Use of Sustainable Parts

Today, sensitivity to the environment is increasing and the value of nature, unfortunately, has begun to be understood late. 2021 decoration fashion also gets its share from this sensitivity. Decoration trends There are sustainable objects, furniture and various accessories among them.

Exhibited Objects

2021 decoration fashion, It allows you to use objects that can be a source of inspiration for you. You will use the objects that will turn your homes into art galleries. Concrete flower pots, wooden chairs, metal objects for you decoration trends It is presented as. Objects that will attract your guests’ attention 2021 decoration fashion shaping.

Natural Items

The challenges of 2020 2021 decoration fashion as it will reflect! Longing for nature will increase the use of natural and organic items in our homes. Wheat sheaves, wooden objects and plants in our homes may increase. We can also use natural objects such as pebbles and seashells in our items.

Matte, plain and plain style continues to be adopted this year. Light wood textures emerge as an extension of this style. Matte and plain style can be reflected on your walls and ceilings. This situation emerges as a manifestation of the longing for nature in 2020.

Vintage and Curvy Furniture

In the decoration fashion of 2021, we can see a lot of circular shapes and vintage inspirations. Curved furniture is expected to be in fashion. This style is curvy, warm and inclusive.

Afro Decor

2021 decoration fashion, It will appear through materials and colors. Great decoration items decorating the walls 2021 decoration fashion constitute. Local products and patterns are more common in this style.

Nordic Style

Scandinavian style is a kind of decoration that has become quite trendy in recent years. It will be preferred in homes by creating the same effect in 2021. Scandinavian style is renewed and takes its place in your homes with a less minimalist approach. The new Scandinavian style appears with its natural textures, materials and colors.

Maximalist Furniture

With its maximalist furniture, curvy lines and bold colors, it has already taken its place in the 2021 decoration fashion. Especially in the living rooms, we will come across maximalist furniture this year.

The Fashion of Colors

2021 decoration fashion, it looks like yellow will shape it! All shades of yellow such as mustard and lemon yellow can be preferred in furniture.

Wall Accessories

Another style on the rise in 2021 is wall weaving. You can refresh your soul by adding designs that will add character to the walls of your homes. Wall weaving will definitely make its mark on 2021!

Lighting Trends

Paper and wood lighting products will determine the lighting trains of 2021! Lighting determines today’s decoration fashion. You will want to have lighting products that will impress people in your homes and workplaces! In the decoration fashion of 2021, paper and wood lighting materials can be used frequently. Also, dim and eye-free lights can be preferred.

Artisan Decoration

Artisan decoration reveals magnificent designs with hand skills. Time spent in homes in 2020 revealed more of the creative side of people. In 2021, we will see the reflections of these creative thoughts. You can add air to your home by making small touches in your kitchen and furniture.

Now we all want to include items made by designers in our homes. We want to use drawn paintings, earthen vases, design frames and many artistic products in our homes. These parts can be used in an open wall shelf or mounted on walls. It will attract the attention of those who come to your home as decorative products.

Return of Colors

The color tones and fashion of the old years may appear in 2021. The longing for the past is increasing due to today’s unfortunate events. It will not be bad to see a breeze from the 80s in your homes. Light green objects are increasingly used in vases or plates.

Face Figures

In abstract figures, 2021 in decoration fashion takes its place. In particular, you can include paintings with abstract figures that you can draw on your walls. You can use the figures that you can easily access from many sites on your walls.

Culinary Trends

Dark colors may dominate your kitchens in 2021. Cupboards and countertops are generally chosen in dark color. You can have stylish kitchens with good lighting. You can entertain your guests by cooking your meals carefully.

Bathroom Trends

In 2021 decoration fashion, Dark and large tiles are used in the bathrooms. Large tiles add a spacious look to the bathroom.


Wallpapers can be included in your decorations in 2021. Artistic designs can decorate your walls.

Multi Purpose Decors

A large, practical and stylish lamp can serve as a nightstand in your home. You can also put your phones and read books in the light. You can use multifunctional furniture for many purposes. Fulfilling many functions will add efficiency to your life. Considering the furniture prices, practical and multi-purpose furniture is among the trains today. We anticipate it to take place in the coming years.

Study Rooms

What 2020 brings has forced people to work remotely. It has become important to have your own work areas in your homes. If you have the opportunity, you can organize study rooms. You can have your own library and do your work in an isolated area. 2021 in decoration fashionStudy rooms will take up a large space. We can come across large tables, dim lighting, comfortable chairs and similar products.

The Importance of Geometric Shapes

In 2021 decoration fashion, There are a lot of geometric shapes. Perfect rectangular items, round objects will be among the trends of this year. Round furniture, mirrors, geometric shapes come to the fore. These are the products you will find frequently in decoration stores.

2021 decoration fashion If you want to adapt, you can make a difference by making small touches in your home. You can place geometric shapes on a round coffee table in your home. You can use pentagonal or round mirrors on the walls. You can use round rugs under coffee tables. You can choose wall, door and window paints that are stylish and reflect your imagination. You can color the geometric shapes you will use on your walls yourself.

In this article 2021 decoration trends we tried to examine! We mentioned that you can get stylish looks by using natural materials in homes! We examined what kind of furniture and colors you will use on the floors of the houses, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and how geometric shapes can add an air to the house. Since you can add a natural and fresh air to your home with indoor plants to be used in your home, you can also use matte colors 2021 decoration fashion We talked about it. We want to help you keep up with fashion by trying to give you creative ideas.

You can add elegance and peace to your homes and color your life. You can catch the trains brought by 2021 by making small changes in your home. Don’t be afraid of change and use your imagination to shape your life!

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