Glass Balcony Systems & Glass Balcony Types and Models

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Glass Balcony Systems & Glass Balcony Types and Models 2021

Today, modern buildings have increased with the development of urban transformation and construction sector. People are modernizing their homes in cities, summer resorts and rural settlements. However, various glass balcony systems has begun to enter our lives. A relatively new development in the architecture industry glass balcony systems, It is highly preferred today. Glass balcony types, It is preferred according to usage purposes.

Glass balcony systems are the process of attaching the windows to the balcony on rails made of a special material. This substance is usually aluminum. Glass balcony systemsconsists of glasses moving on aluminum rails. Folding glass balcony, double glazing glass balcony and sliding glass balcony types are available. Glass balcony selection is made according to customer needs and the characteristics of the area to be applied. In addition, the purpose you want to use your balcony affects the choice.

Folding Glass Balcony Systems

Folding glass balcony, widely used and first come out glass balcony systems is located between. One of the most distinctive features of folding glass balconies is that they save space by folding. In addition, it can add a completely different atmosphere to your balconies with its aesthetic designs. Folding glass balconies take up much less space than balcony windows that open and close in conventional ways, creating a large area in your balcony. It is practical, easy to use and not troublesome to clean. It will protect your balconies from bad weather conditions.

There are many stresses in city life. When you get home from work or you want to spend the weekends enjoying fresh air on the balconies. You can read a book, have breakfast with your family or enjoy a coffee. It will be the most suitable places to get fresh air in the city life you live in. However, sometimes weather conditions may not allow this. Glass balcony systems You can protect your balconies by creating a pleasure area with. In good weather glass balcony systems By opening it, you can enjoy the fresh air. It is possible to create a free and stylish space for yourself!

Sliding Glass Balcony Systems

Glass balcony systems, of course, it is not limited to folding glass balconies. Most preferred by home owners as well as architecture and construction companies from glass balcony systems one is sliding glass balconies. Sliding glass balconies have 5 separate rail systems. In these rail systems, the windows are folded and closed by pulling in different directions. Sliding glass balconies save a lot of space. Those who have sliding windows are more than satisfied.

Sliding glass balconies will protect your balconies from external influences such as rain, snow, wind and dust. It allows you to create comfortable living spaces in your balconies. We can guarantee that you will not be affected by the weather when you keep the sliding windows closed. Sliding glass balcony systemsis also important for security.

You can have a comfortable sleep at night with sliding glass balconies with special security mechanisms. They are systems resistant to abrasion. It can be used for partitioning in cafes, offices and narrow balconies. If you want to make your balconies safe and closed, sliding glass balcony systems you can try.

Insulating Glass Balcony Systems

Isıcam are glasses with insulating properties. Technically, insulating glass consists of filling two or more glasses with a space between them and inert gases such as argon, krypton and xenon or direct air. It is to make the glasses into one piece by using moisture-absorbing and external insulation paste around it. In order for a glass to be an insulating glass, it must provide all these properties. Insulating glass glass balcony systems, It is the use of systems prepared with insulating glass material in balconies.

Insulating glass balconies have much more features than other glass balconies. The main purpose in such balcony systems is thermal insulation and it is essential that the windows have thermal insulation properties. The profiles, connection and junction points, wicks and wick-in materials used in the double glazed balcony systems are all designed to maximize insulation. Insulating glass glass balcony systems with While creating sheltered balconies, thermal insulation is also provided.

Glass Balcony Prices

Glass balcony prices vary according to the size and dimensions of the balcony. In addition, prices may vary depending on the model you want to install and the purpose of use. You may not get the efficiency you want from cheap glass balcony systems. You will need to stretch your budget a little for quality and comfortable systems. Quality glass balcony systems will make you happy.

There are points to consider when choosing a model. For example, if your balcony is small, classic open and close glass balconies will not please you in the long term. Therefore, folding or sliding your balconies glass balcony systems You can get it done.

How to Choose a Glass Balcony?

Glass balcony systems When choosing it, you should keep in mind that the cheapest system will not always be good. Before deciding which system to install in your home, you should consider many factors. Cheap systems may not make you happy in the long run. You may encounter various problems. You should prefer long-lasting glass balconies by stretching your budget a little. Sure this situation glass balcony systems does not mean you will pay high amounts for it. You can get comfort with sliding and folding systems.

You can have a pleasant time on the balcony, you can open it whenever you want and close it whenever you want. While folding windows are folded open on aluminum rails, sliding windows are opened by sliding on rails. It is also important for what purposes you will use your balcony. You can use your balconies as warehouse, cellar or even working areas. In such cases, you can choose double glazing. Thus, you can achieve warm and spacious working environments.

As you can see, glass balcony models have many functions. You can make the model you want on your balconies according to your taste. It is important to work with a good and reliable company when building a glass balcony. You do not want to encounter problems caused by construction errors. Therefore, it should research well and glass balcony recommendations you have to decide by reading. It is possible to reach many articles on the internet.

How to Mount a Glass Balcony?

Glass balcony companies come to your home and install glass balconies. Glass balcony assembly is as valuable as production. Improper assembly can cause problems. For this reason, experienced teams should work meticulously. Your system can be damaged in a short time with a wrong and faulty assembly. A high quality assembly should be made for glass balcony systems that will be used for many years. All work safety precautions should be taken when installing glass balconies. The glass balcony upper frame profile is fixed upwards.

The side post profiles are placed on the lower case marble and the assembly is performed. Then the wheeled wings are assembled. Duct installation with outlet mouth is started. Lower and upper outlet plastics are removed. Brakes are set and wing adjustments are made. Then glass balcony wing controls are made. It is checked whether it works properly. All labels on aluminum profiles are removed. Silicone process is done. Silicone treatment should be done carefully. Weather conditions should be suitable for silicone production. Finally, the landlord should be informed about the use.

In this article you glass balcony systems We tried to give detailed information about! We have answered questions such as what should be considered when choosing glass balcony systems, how to choose according to the purpose of use, according to what the glass balcony prices are determined! You can enlarge your living spaces by installing a good glass balcony on the balcony of your home. It will be an enjoyable experience. In addition, if you want to use your balconies as storage or cellar, glass balcony will be the solution to your troubles. You can protect your belongings with systems that are resistant to environmental conditions.

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