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While arranging the environment of your detached house with garden decoration, you feed your soul with peace and nature. As you can see in the examples about garden decoration, there are many alternatives you can do.

What you do will vary according to your personal wishes and the size of your garden. In our article; We will find some suggestions with the help of garden decoration samples in order to guide you in your garden decoration work and give you an idea.

Examples and Suggestions for Garden Decoration

Ornamental Pools

You can have a decorative pool in your garden that is remarkable with its appearance and relaxing with its sound.

Even a small swimming pool that you will build will be effective for cooling in hot weather.

As in the garden decoration examples below small waterfall style pools You can create a different atmosphere with.


You can choose the swing that will relax you while sipping your coffee in your garden and reading your book.

Children’s Playgrounds

You can make areas for your children to play according to the size and size of your garden, and include slides and small swings in your layout plan.

If your garden is on a rough terrain, you can find solutions to prevent your children from hurting themselves physically, as in the example of garden decoration below.

Barbecue Area

You can go to a picnic and make a barbecue, which is the biggest pleasure of the weekends, from time to time by calling your friends and doing it in an area in your garden.

Tree and Flower Planting

For a more visually beautiful image for garden decoration, you can cover the bottoms of dwarf trees with stones as in the example below.

In addition, you can get fruit in a shorter time with the dwarf trees you will plant.

You can grow the freshest organic vegetables in the small areas you will reserve.

Garden Accessories

Sculptural figures, large flower pots or similar objects in your garden will also look very aesthetic.

Your garden furniture accessories in pastel colors You can color and color match with.

Garden Lighting

Like at home garden decoration Lighting is very important in it. For this reason, you can make your garden look different by choosing garden lighting products.

My suggestion is to save electricity (solar powered) solar lights may be. Also recently garden decoration popularized in his work led strip You can also choose lightings.

Can work with both solar energy and battery led lighted solar flower pot models will make your garden decoration work unique.

Solar Flower Pot for Garden Decoration - Photo by Wicker Paradise

Solar Flower Pot For Garden Decoration Photo by Wicker Paradise

Decorative Garden Paths

You can make way with materials such as stone or wood to give your garden decoration work an aesthetic appearance and not to crush the grass. You can also color your garden with the flowers you will plant on the sides of your road.

Decorative Garden Fences

The usual green panel garden fences or wrought iron fences you can try different designs instead.

Eclectic Patio by Albuquerque Interior Designers & Decorators Strell Design

Seating Areas

Do not forget to make a seating area under the pergola or gazebo with a quality garden furniture set. In addition, the gazebo you will build will help the grape vines in your garden to spread and grow easily.

Garden Furniture Set - Photo by Polygon Homes

Garden Furniture SetPhoto by Polygon Homes

Istikbal Furniture Curl Garden Corner Set

Istikbal Furniture Bukle Garden Corner Set

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