How to Clean Honeycomb: Easy Honeycomb Cleaning 2021

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How to Clean Honeycomb: Easy Honeycomb Cleaning 2021

Today, natural gas and consequently combs have become a part of our lives. Honeycombs are used as a means of heating. For more efficient and economical use honeycomb cleaning should be done periodically. You can work with reliable masters of. Natural gas honeycomb cleaning We will give detailed information about.

Natural gas is among the most commonly used heating methods. Honeycombs are one of the most important parts of heating systems. Stove pipes must be cleaned as well as combs. Periodic cleaning is very important to increase heat efficiency. The environment is heated by the continuous flow of water inside the honeycomb. Moisture in the pipes will cause corrosion over time.

This rust and dirt settles to the bottom, reducing productivity. Clogging of pipes may occur due to accumulations. Clogging in the pipes should be prevented. Blockages prevent heat from spreading. This causes you to heat less and your bills rise.

Honeycomb cleaning If you do it regularly, you can heat your combi boiler by working at lower temperatures. Even your combs that are far from the boiler can give sufficient heat. You have taken care to have your combs cleaned regularly to save energy. You can work with reliable masters of.

How to Clean the Honeycomb Outside?

Honeycomb cleaning, should start from the outside. There are many methods in honeycomb cleaning. These methods should be applied for more efficient warming. So you can comfortably warm up and save energy.

Honeycomb cleaning, When starting, the dust accumulated behind the comb and between them should be swept away first. The honeycomb covers should be opened, a cloth should be attached to the end of a stick and the inside should be wiped. Then with a damp cloth. honeycomb cleaning must be done. Of course, it should be dried after wiping to prevent rusting.

How to Clean Inside of Honeycomb?

When starting the inner core cleaning, the boiler should be turned off first and the water in the installation should be emptied. While draining the water, drain valves in the bathroom and balcony can be used. After all the water in the installation is drained, you can prepare the materials to be used for cleaning. You should prepare detergents, chemical cleaners, cleaning cloth, heater comb brush, bucket and covers.

When starting to clean, you should put an old towel under the honeycomb. After the heater core is dusted, drink it. to honeycomb cleaning passed. After completely draining the water, the records of the combi pads should be opened and the connections with the system pipe should be broken. With the help of a brush, the collapsed rust and dirt in the honeycomb is removed from the opened space.

The filter in the water boiler inlet panels of the boiler should be removed and kept in a container full of bleach. The honeycomb should be removed and taken to the bathroom. Pressurized water is given into the honeycomb. This process should continue until the water in the pipes turns clean from dirty. Honeycomb cleaning Wet areas should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent rusting. While the honeycomb is placed on the wall, the wall behind it should be well cleaned.

When Should Honeycomb Cleaning Be Done?

How is honeycomb cleaned? Honeycomb cleaning It is very important to do it at certain time intervals. Honeycomb cleaning Energy saving can be achieved by cleaning combi filters during operation. It will be beneficial to have a good company cleaning honeycomb every two years. A detailed cleaning can be done with the chemicals used. Apart from that, you can also clean yourself at regular intervals.

Apart from regular maintenance, the heating conditions of the combs should be observed. If some combs give less heat than others, if the tops are hot and the bottom is cold, you cannot heat even though the combi temperature is high and the combi filter gets dirty frequently, honeycomb cleaning it means the time has come.

Practical Methods in Honeycomb Cleaning

In time, your combs will rust and the methods you will apply at home may not be sufficient. In these cases, honeycomb cleaning machines can be used. Of course professional assistance will be needed. By applying the starting methods we mentioned in the previous parts of our article, honeycomb cleaning connected to the machine.

The second hose end is placed in a way that it opens to the bathroom or toilet drain. The machine is filled with water and operated. After the dirt inside is cleaned, chemicals are added and the inside of the comb is completely cleaned. When you reconnect the core to the boiler, you can adjust the pressure and cause the chemical inside to circulate.

How Do You Prevent The Corrosion Of The Heating Pads?

If your honeycombs are made of high quality cast metals, they will be long lasting. Metals used with today’s developing technology hardly rust. However, you should pay attention to your honeycombs. If periodic maintenance of the honeycombs is not done, it can rot and cost money. In addition, it will indirectly waste energy and increase your bills.

Wet and moist fabrics should not be placed on the honeycombs. As these fabrics cause moisture, your honeycombs may decay over time. All honeycomb care methods we mentioned are effective for rusting and rotting. Honeycomb cleaningshould not be neglected and the honeycombs should be constantly monitored.

What Should Be Considered When Getting Professional Support?

Experts say that combi boiler and honeycomb maintenance should be done regularly every year. Honeycomb cleaning you can do it yourself. However, we recommend that you seek professional help, even once a year. While getting professional help, you should check whether the personnel who come to your home have a certificate of authorization.

If there is no authorization certificate, maintenance should not be done. You should ask the staff about what steps to take during maintenance. Before opening the boiler cover, the hot water and central heating system heating test should be done. In this way, efficiency is controlled. Critical parts of your boiler should be checked. Limit sensors and draft conditions, the cleaning of the water chamber in condensing combi boilers and the filters in the direction of the radiator flow line must be checked.

If the boiler maintenance is not made regularly, the working life of your boiler will be reduced. This also affects your combs and your energy efficiency decreases. It is negatively reflected on the bill and you may be in peace. Even your life and property safety may be endangered. Honeycomb cleaning and boiler maintenance should be done regularly.

The Importance of Honeycomb Cleaning

Today, climatic conditions are constantly changing. We should have our boiler maintenance done regularly and to honeycomb cleaning we have to pay attention. You should take care of the combi boilers and honeycombs that make it easier to warm up and keep you warm from cold weather. In this way, you can achieve significant energy savings and increase your heat efficiency. For heat efficiency, the water in your combs must always be pure. How is honeycomb cleaned? We have mentioned in detail in the above parts of our article.

In the heating system, residue, sludged water and other substances in the boiler installation adversely affect the heat efficiency. Therefore, honeycomb cleaning is very important. Especially the deposits that settle on the lower part of the radiators make your water flow difficult. These substances will force the boiler, causing more natural gas energy to be consumed.

Annual periodic checks are required for the combi boilers and combs to be long-lasting. We recommend that you seek professional support once a year, except for intermittent cleaning at home. You can get your periodic maintenance by contacting experienced and authorized boiler services.

These companies can make your honeycomb cleaning more beautiful with the machines and chemicals you do not have. In addition, the entire system can be cleaned by connecting the machine from a single core. In this way, you will have your maintenance done without dealing with dirt and rust. Of course, combi filter cleaning should be done carefully. Your boiler is the brain of the natural gas installation and care should be taken. For the safety of life, property and your pocket honeycomb cleaning and do not neglect your boiler maintenance!

Honeycomb Cleaning and Energy Saving

If your natural gas bill is high, it may be an indication that periodic maintenance of the honeycomb and combi boiler should be done. However, many people mistakenly think that this is due to seasonal transitions. Annual maintenance of your combi boilers and combs should not be forgotten. If you want to save energy, relax your pockets and have a happy winter, you should do your maintenance regularly. For the safety of life, property and your pocket honeycomb cleaning and do not neglect your boiler maintenance!

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