How to Take Care of a Flower 2021

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How to Take Care of a Flower 2021

If you are feeding flowers that color your life in your home, balcony and gardens, you in flower care advice we will be found. Flower care tips We will tell you how to take care of your flowers. Many of you may think it’s easy to grow flowers. However, flowers have various needs just like humans. Watering your flowers at regular intervals does not mean that you are fully caring. Your flowers can surprise you by shedding their leaves when you least expect it.

In such cases, you may have made a mistake in its maintenance. In all details in flower care advice and we will help you take care of your flowers. If you want to offer your plants a healthier and longer life, we recommend that you read it carefully.

There are many things to know about orchid care, violet care and even cactus care, which is thought to be easy to maintain.

Pot Selection and Pot Change

The most important we can give you flower from maintenance advice one will be the pot selection and replacement. It is very important to find a suitable pot for the plant. For plants with tall roots, you should use deep pots, while for flowers with larger roots, you should use large pots. First, you should plant your flower, which is in the form of seeds, in a small pot. You can continue to care by renewing the pot during development.

When changing the pot of your flowers, the roots should not be damaged. You should carefully take it out of the pot and carefully transfer it to the other pot. You should clean the soil particles adhering to the roots by shaking them gently.

From flower care suggestions Another one is that the flower pot where you will put your flowers has drainage. Thus, you can prevent rotting of the roots of your flowers that you change the pot. In other words, there should be holes under the pots. It should be supported by a pot tray so that the water flowing from the pots does not spread. Besides, by looking at the type of your flower, you can develop a drainage system by placing pebbles at the bottom of the flowerpot. To get detailed information while buying flowers and from the internet flower care advice It will be useful to examine.

Soil Selection

The soil of your flowers is very important. Flower care advice One of the most fundamental issues is soil selection. Flowers get the nutrients and beneficial minerals they need from the soil. If you do not use the soil suitable for your flower, the flower will not last long. Peat is generally recommended for house plants. Peat is a soil rich in organic substances. Peat provides the nutrients and minerals required for your flowers. Of course, this may vary depending on the type of flower.

While violets love soils rich in peat, orchids love different soil types specially prepared for them. You should know the flower you will grow well and choose the soil that best suits it. The soil may lose its nutritional value over time and cannot be beneficial to the flower. It should be renewed at specified intervals in the soil. This way, you can keep your flower fresh for a long time.

Parts spilled from the flower to the soil should be carefully cleaned. When placing the soil in the pot, you should not press too much and ensure that the roots of the flower get air. If you press too hard, the roots of your flowers may be damaged. This is also an undesirable situation. The important that we will give you from flower care advice this is one.

Watering Flowers

From flower care suggestionsAnother one is irrigation. You should water your flowers frequently. Situations such as changing the pot, changing the soil, adjusting the ambient temperature do not occur frequently. However, you need to water your flowers in short time intervals. Watering should be done at least once a day. Of course, the irrigation intervals vary according to the type of flower you will water.

For example, while orchids and violets are watered for 4-7 days, cacti can be watered even once a month. Watering should be done on the same day and in the same time zones. Getting your flowers used to watering in certain time zones, flower care tips is located between.

To understand that it is time to water, you have to control the soil manually. If the soil is dry when you touch it with your hand, you can irrigate. If the soil is moist when you touch it, you do not need to irrigate. During irrigation, you should be careful that the water does not come to the leaves and flowers of your flower. All of the water should come into contact with the soil. You can obtain various containers for irrigation.

For efficient irrigation, we recommend that you provide fine-tipped containers. Flower care advice If you apply it, your flowers will be long-lasting and healthy. When watering, the tray under the pot should be checked. If water has accumulated on the layer, it should be drained. Otherwise, the water that accumulates in the layer may cause your flowers to rot.

Effects of Temperature, Humidity and Light in Flower Care

One of the important issues for flowers is the ambient temperature, humidity and sunlight they receive. Some of your flowers like sunny and warm environments, while others may like moist and shady places. Although this situation varies by species, in flower care advice we will be found. Although violets like moisture, they do not like being in extremely hot and very humid environments.

It would not be right to keep violets in hot and very humid environments such as the kitchen. If you put your flowers on natural gas honeycombs, their roots may be damaged. Therefore, you must find special places for them. Although cactus is a sun-loving plant, it should not be left in the midday heat in summer. Your flowers can get burned by exposure to the harmful effects of the sun.

Important Points to Consider in Flower Care

We give you flower care advice you did. You have chosen the appropriate pots and soil for your flowers, adjusted the humidity, temperature and light ratios suitable for their type, and carried out regular watering every day. But our flower care advice we haven’t come to the end yet!

During seasonal transitions, namely in the spring and autumn months, you should constantly follow the conditions you provide for your plants during the winter months, which are called the rest period. Plants do not like to change their places. However, during seasonal changes, you can change the position of your plants according to the sun exposure, humidity and temperature of the environment.

For example, you can take the plants you take out on your balcony in summer to avoid adverse weather conditions in winter. At the same time, you may face problems such as infestation and the formation of parasitic plants during seasonal changes. In such cases, you should clean the soil of the flower and free it from fallen leaves and flowers. If necessary, you can change the pot and soil. Depending on the type of your flower, you can perform pruning. If you are going to reproduce from seed and seedling, it will be right to choose the spring and autumn months.

Ways to Animate Flowers

In flower care advice Finally, we will talk about the use of various blends to revive fading flowers. There is a mixture you can make when your flowers fade or dry out. The mixture consists of banana peel, coffee and egg shells. You should mix these three ingredients and bring them to a homogeneous consistency. Then you should wait for it to take effect by applying it to the soil of the flowers.

Your flowers can fade for many reasons, from getting too much sunlight to exposure to unsuitable humidity and temperatures. If you are sure that you are watering your plant and you think that you provide the suitable environment for it and still face withering, we will talk about one more method. For this, all you need to do is take the powdered cinnamon and pour it on the dried and fading leaves or flowers. Cinnamon prevents disease-induced rotting in flowers.

We looked for answers to the question. To you in flower care advice we were found. We must not forget that flowers are alive. They need attention and love. We hope you show the necessary care for the flowers.

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