Make Room for Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom 2021

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Make Room for Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom 2021

Special spaces in your home are privileges for those who think about all the details in the house. Bathrooms where you want to spend your special time in the most pleasant and comfortable way are one of these special places. While designing your bathroom, VitrA continues to be your safe address with its special collection that takes your needs into account and prioritizes your comfort and sensitivity. With this approach, VitrA offers a special closet collection for your bathroom that follows and applies all innovative developments.

Make Room for Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom!

Compatible with modern technology, VitrA closet models ensure that every minute you spend in your bathroom is comfortable and enjoyable with their designs that prioritize your health and their aesthetic lines. Vine, suit closet options are designed according to the size of your bathroom, focusing on saving you space. While you can provide the highest level of hygiene in your bathroom with a wall-hung toilet bowl, you can protect the integrity of the decoration of your bathroom with set toilet bowl models. VitrA is ready to offer you a suitable proposal among this rich collection.

Lines of Modern Times at VitrA Closet Collection

VitrA Sento Collection is one of the preferences of those who want to use their time efficiently. Sento Collection models, which choose their own space in the simple bathrooms of minimalist houses with their rounded lines, draw attention with their innovative appearance. The models in this collection, which you can choose with its easy-to-clean and comfortable use, do not compromise on aesthetic appearance.

If you want to experience your excitement about innovation without compromising your comfort, you should definitely check out VitrA’s V-Care smart toilet models. The hygiene you desire to be at the highest level for everyone in your family, VitrA V-Care offers you a wide range of smart toilet models. In today’s world where personal cleaning is extremely important, VitrA V-Care toilet model is designed with a technology suitable for the cleaning concept that should be in every home with its adjustable bidet tap position and lid temperature setting options, stainless steel nozzle that is automatically cleaned before each use and odor absorption . V-Care offers you unique support for the clean air you want in your home.

VitrA V-Care Prime Collection offers you a very comprehensive personal cleaning system in your bathroom for the hygienic and comfortable homes of the modern age. It is also possible to use and update with the mobile application. While technology is included in every aspect of our lives, bathrooms do not fall short of this process. It is also possible to proceed through smart home assistants that can be controlled by voice such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

VitrA Bathroom Collections Produce Solutions to All Your Needs

In addition to modern, aesthetic and useful toilet bowl models, you can also find solution suggestions for different spaces in the VitrA bathroom collection. One of these suggestions considering your personal hygiene is urinal models. VitrA stands out with its design innovations in urinal models with different features that appeal to different needs. VitrA Plural Collection offers you monoblock with integrated washing system, rear water inlet, battery powered or electric urinals. This collection also has an extremely aesthetic appearance with rich and stylish options suitable for the colors of the space you want to use.

For collective use or when you want to complement the design in your private bathroom and maximize your comfort, you should definitely discover the latest technology features of VitrA urinal models. Photocell, top water inlet or waterless according to your preference are among VitrA urinal models. You can also find all decorative details such as partitions and lids to complement your urinal selection in the VitrA collection.

Make Space for Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom!
Make Room for Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom!

Innovative Designs in Your Bathroom with VitrA Collection

These models, which consider your personal hygiene in the VitrA bathroom collection, offer you different options with their prices. You can find detailed information about VitrA toilet bowl prices and urinal prices on VitrA’s website. When you want to turn your bathroom into comfortable and stylish spaces, you can now examine the models in VitrA bathroom collections so that you can carefully select important details such as toilet bowls and urinals, and you can experience the privilege of choosing modern designs for your comfort.

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