A New Trend in Kitchens: Growing Fresh Herbs and Greens in the Kitchen 2021

A New Trend in Kitchens: Growing Fresh Herbs and Greens in the Kitchen 2021

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A New Trend in Kitchens: Growing Fresh Herbs and Greens in the Kitchen 2021

Today, changing eating habits and chemicals used force people to do things at home. The easiest of these to grow is the greens and herbs we use daily. also recently in the world for a long time in the kitchen Turkey greenery being grown much more preferred method. It has the advantages of being fresh, being at our disposal and providing the opportunity to consume it with peace of mind as it is not exposed to harmful chemicals while growing. As they are healthy kitchen decoration It is also used as a live accessory for

It is Called as Kitchen Garden in the World

In regions that have architectural gardens, vegetables and greens have been grown for a long time to consume both in the gardens and in the kitchen. This method, called Kitchen Garden, aims to contribute to both healthy food consumption and home economy. in the kitchen in Turkey With this method, which we have started to see more recently, fresh greens take their place in tables and meals as they are plucked on the branch.

For kitchens, pots on walls or in stands are functional as well as a small garden as they are decorative. In these flowerpots; It is possible to grow greens and herbs such as Dill, Basil, Thyme, Curly, Parsley, Mint, Reyhan, Arugula, Purslane and Green Onion, which are suitable for daily use and can be used in meals

Restaurants Have Been Using This Method For A Long Time

Restaurants that prefer traditional cuisine instead of industrial cuisine, instead of collecting the greens they have grown in their gardens to make their meals tastier, keep them in their pots until they are consumed, without removing them from the soil to preserve their freshness when they mature. In this way, they always have the same taste with the food they cook with very fresh products.

Create Your Own Small Garden in the Kitchen

You can create your own small garden with a few pots for the greens you use a lot in the kitchen and grow them there. Considering the annual number of sunny days in our country, there will be fresh greens that you can grow for all seasons. You can also minimize your health concerns while growing these greens in a sunny place and with a little care, very tasty and naturally. You can start growing with a delicious and decorative method by choosing the most suitable for your own kitchen with different application methods from around the world.

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