It causes constipation in babies, apply olive oil!

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One of the most valuable issues encountered during infancy is undoubtedly constipation. The fact that the intestines are just starting to work and in addition to this, the inadequate digestion of the nutrients taken causes this problem. So what causes constipation in babies? Moreover, are there natural methods to relieve constipation in babies? We searched for the answers to the questions you wondered about.

There are many reasons for constipation in babies!

There are many reasons for constipation problems in babies. If we need to take a look at these, structural disorders in the intestine, genetic bowel slowness, lack of movement in babies who consume a lot of milk, babies who take breast milk, or what the mother eats cause constipation in babies.

Natural methods to relieve constipation in babies:

Breast milk will come very well

Undoubtedly, mother’s milk is one of the natural methods that relieve constipation in babies. This formula is both the most ideal and the healthiest. It provides softening of stool, which is hard in mother milk.

Another system is olive oil!

You can take advantage of the anti-constipation effect of olive oil by dipping a pure cotton swab in olive oil and making back and forth and circular movements with the stick in the constipated environment. There is a point to be aware of, which is: It is a situation that may pose a danger to newborn babies. For this reason, an expert approval must be obtained.

Try to massage your baby!

Laying the baby on his back and applying massage next to the watch, to the side of the belly button, will help your crying baby calm down and relax. You will be able to relieve your baby’s gas pains by massaging them.

Pay attention to water consumption!

In the transition to supplements, experts say that babies can now be given water gradually. You can prevent constipation problem by meeting your baby’s water consumption.


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