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If you have an understanding that is far from simple design, geometric designsIf you care about a, but you don’t know much about how to do this, that’s okay. Correct in this article patterns and geometric shapes We will explain how to create and edit decoration using. Thus, with the right techniques and ideas, you can evaluate your ideas that will affect the decoration and earn plus points. Pattern decoration Although we don’t hear many names, it has actually been done for years. Where? Lace decoration of our mothers and elders pattern decorationenters. Of course, we are here for you in this article with more advanced and complex futuristic design ideas.

First, determine the area where you will apply the decoration. The points to be considered in the selection of the area are that your furniture or layout is not distorted, first pay attention to the harmony of the interior decoration. It is quite risky to improvise the patterns you will add to the decoration, which should be well chosen and your design should be determined in advance. You can create your design by getting inspiration or guidance with the ideas we will give you.

This colorful living room shows the basics of pattern matching. If you have a geometric patterned carpet for pattern design, you can match it with a small painting on the wall.

The wool carpet with free flowing large geometric patterns accentuates the overly colored hue design. Another highlight is the pillows. It is in harmony with the same color tones and patterns as the carpets. Another harmonious place is the paintings on the wall, the tables placed without disturbing the integrity of the geometric design in the environment, the decoration also filled a large gap.

In this design, which is a simple design for a small living room, you can choose more or less the geometric pattern that stands out. These trapezoidal but regular patterns determined the main color tones of the environment by using black and white color tones. A beautiful decoration is provided from the design on the sofa to the layout of the center table. This is one of the things to be considered in pattern design. You can continue the patterns not only as patterns but also three-dimensionally. Finally, with the painting on the wall, the lack of pattern on the wall is seen as eliminated.

In the light of these ideas, you can now decorate your home with geometric patterns or patterns, patterns and patterns.

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