When buying puppies school bags, consider the length!

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As you know, the school period has opened. The pup will start school, or the rush for school preparation of the parents and fathers for the new school period has begun! The shopping part, which exclusively helps carrying pens and is perhaps the most excited of the puppies, starts with bag shopping. Although it may seem like an easy shopping from the outside, choosing a school bag for puppies is almost vital. Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Dimağ Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Commander Professor so that your pup does not experience back and neck pain during the entire school period. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canbora presented valuable information to mothers and fathers about what should be considered when choosing a school bag.

Objects with more loads in the bag should be placed closer to the back environment and lighter items should be placed in the front pockets of the bag. Both shoulder straps should definitely be worn when carrying the bag.

Heavy Bag Causes Back and Shoulder Pain!

School bags are designed for pups to carry the burden of school supplies more easily. They do this by bringing the load closer to the center of the body and distributing the load steadily over the shoulders and spine. Various problems may arise as a result of the wrong saving and loading of school bags more than they should be. Shoulder and back pain, numbness in arms and hands are the most common of these. In particular, not adjusting the shoulder straps of the bag properly and the one-sided saving of the straps can cause posture disorders in the spine.

Does a heavy bag cause shorter length?

Reminding that the heavy school bag caused scoliosis, known as spinal curvature, or short length, it is a known mistake in the community and stated that these theses are not wise. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canbora said, “There is no scientific study showing that a heavy school bag causes spinal curvature (scoliosis) or short length in offspring. However, puppies who always carry a heavy school bag may experience pain in the shoulders, neck, back and legs. “With the heavy bag, the child whose center of weight changes, becomes more susceptible to injuries due to falls.”

Caution When Putting Pain Items In The Bag!

The weight of the school bag should not exceed 10-15% of the child’s body weight. To achieve this, unnecessary items should be removed from the bag. In order to facilitate transportation, items with a large scale should be placed closer to the back district, and lighter items should be placed in the front pockets of the bag. Both shoulder straps should be worn when carrying the bag. The length of the shoulder straps should be adjusted to fit the bag to the back but not tighten the shoulders.

How Should the Ülkü School Bag Be for Puppies?

First of all it should be of a size consistent with the age and length of the puppy. Very large bags will create extra scales by themselves, and will make it difficult to carry as the items inside move randomly and hang down. Shoulder straps of small bags can squeeze the sleeves, causing numbness and tingling in the arms. In addition, the puppy’s waist can be a cause of back pain because they will not fit properly.

  • -There must be double shoulder straps.
  • -Shoulder straps should be thick and should be supported with soft equipment on the sides that will cause pressure.
  • – If possible, it should be a waistband for a more stable distribution of weight and a perfect fit.
  • – There should be competent support in the back and waist.
  • Bags should be inspected every day
  • Emphasizing that families should check the bag of the child every morning and intervene to reduce its content if necessary, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canbora said, “They should especially question the puppies in terms of occasional neck, shoulder, back and waist pain and consult an expert if necessary.”
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