The Power Of Colors in Home Decoration 2021

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The Power Of Colors in Home Decoration 2021

Color harmony plays a very important role in decoration. Because each of the colors has a different energy. When colors that determine the atmosphere in living spaces are used in harmony, it can create perfect effects.

Since the main arguments that make up the appearance of the environment are furniture, colors deserve priority in furniture selection.

It is very important which colors should be chosen in basic furniture such as armchairs, and what kind of visual transition will be created by the tones of the side products that will accompany it.

Choosing the right color can turn your home into a happy home, and improper use can create a dark and depressing atmosphere. Moreover, colors can make homes look bigger or smaller than they are. At this point, it is very useful to choose the colors that will suit you best.

What path should be followed?

Decoration usually starts from the hall and the seats in the hall. The living room is an area that needs to be decorated with great care, since it is the place where we spend the most time and host the guests.

If you have a small house and want to have a brighter look, you can design an interior with white, gray and beige colors. You can create a brighter atmosphere with small color touches that will equalize the coldness of these colors.

If you have a bigger house, you can be much bolder with color. For example, you can easily use purples, pinks, gold and copper tones, and include more assertive furniture designs. For a warm atmosphere, you can also choose earth, orange and green colors, which are among the most special tones of the color range.

Create a warm and cool color match

Open the color range and you can catch the harmony of the hues that reflect your style. For this, you can combine warm color tones with more neutral or cold color tones, and create a color palette based on color harmony.

If you predominantly use cold colors, you can emphasize the cool and warm color balance element by adding colors and natural textures that will create warmer effects.

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