What Are Roofing Materials 2021: Roofing Material

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What Are Roofing Materials 2021: Roofing Material

The roof acts like a hat that protects the houses against bad weather conditions. Roof construction and roof material changes according to the location of the building and climatic conditions. Also according to the decoration of the house roof material varies.

Roof material The better quality it is, the more useful it is. In this article roof material, we will talk about the sections and construction of the roof. Roofing is definitely one of the tasks that should be left to master hands. With the most suitable for your budget, you can quickly get your roofing operations done as soon as possible.

Roofing materials It can be made of various materials depending on their resistance to nature. In the market, it is possible to divide into six as metal, clay, cement, plastic and bitumen-based and other materials. Among these, the most widely used are flat or profiled metal sheets such as copper, zinc, lead, sheet aluminum, corrugated asbestos, corrugated synthetic fiber sheets.

If the slope of the roof is to be high, tile, cement, asbestos plates are used. In places with climatic geological formations, natural stone profiles and reeds can be used.

What is Traditional Roof Tile?

Tile is a material that has been used for various reasons since ancient times. It has been used as roofing material especially in architectural structures from past to present. The tiles are terracotta plates. In our country, it was first used in Ankara houses during the Ottoman period. Clay is the main tile material. For this reason, it is easy to find and preferred. Traditional tiles are still used in many homes in our country.

There are 4 stages of tile production. It consists of shaping, drying, baking and cooking phases. Tiles are made of clay that has been put into paste. Clay is a material that can be obtained from inefficient soils. Clay soil is blended with loam and mixed with water and sand. Thus, soil is obtained. After the soil is obtained, it is shaped by pressing.

It is cooked in the oven after being left to dry for a long time. Tiles can be in red, brown and pink colors depending on the degree of soil firing. Since production wastes are natural and baked materials, they do not harm the nature. The residues during production are micronized and put back into production.

Tile, its raw material is natural and does not harm human health after the processes it passes. The tiles provide the building top insulation thanks to its high heat storage. Clay keeps the heat falling on it for a long time and passes it in a balanced way. Therefore traditional tile is an ideal roofing material.

What is Colored Acrylic Tile?

Acrylic tile is an aesthetic, stylish and modern looking tile with minimal water absorption. roofing material. Tile is produced with mortar and pigment dye is used to color it during its preparation. Thanks to the painting process before packaging, it is ensured that all tiles are the same color. Tile can be produced in the desired color.

It is possible to order tiles according to the color and design of your building. It can be easily adapted to your surroundings and tastes. Tile is a good roofing material. It will maintain its durability for many years after it is made. Thanks to paint applications, it can be repressed to its old color even after many years.

What is Shingle Roof?

Shingle is a bitumen material. It consists of fibro glass, colored mineral granule and sandy surface. Since it is a flexible material, it can be applied to all roofs. Also the lightest roof material It is a defining feature in choosing shingles. Instead of heavy loads on roofs, it would be more logical to use lightweight, attractive and colorful materials.

Since it is easy to make, time and labor can be saved. Shingle roof is resistant to harsh weather conditions. With its fine details, it is easy to solve, does not require maintenance and has the feature of rapid application. roofing material. In addition to the color options, there are also various models in the market. You can choose shingle roofs in your homes with peace of mind.

What is Titanium Zinc?

Titanium zinc roof materialIt is a sustainable product with its long life and reusability feature. A recyclable roofing material. Today, we come across titanium-zinc roofs in modern buildings. Titanium zinc roof materialIt is produced in 150 kg rolls. Thanks to the natural patina that breathes on it, titanium and zinc repairs scratches by itself.

A handy roofing material. It does not require maintenance and can be used easily for many years. Titanium zinc roofing material, you can choose it in your homes.

Titanium is produced in desired dimensions according to the zinc application areas. The clamped metal system is attached to the roof place with hidden stainless clips or titanium zinc clips. The clamp pitches are fixed with the machine and prepared for use. Titanium zinc roof material, waterproof, shock resistant, recyclable, long-lasting, high quality, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, environmentally friendly roofing material.

Which Roof Material Is More Economical?

Now we will talk about economical roofing materials. We will try to decide which roofing material is more logical to choose. Roof materials are shaped according to the architecture of your homes, environmental and climatic conditions and of course your tastes.

Shingle roof materialAlthough it seems to be the most economical material, it should be decided by considering the characteristics of the building and environmental conditions. Roof material Different parameters should be considered when choosing. The climate characteristics in the location of the roof building will be the most determining factor.

Weather conditions roofing material directly affects. Intense and harsh weather conditions can cause the roof to wear out. Therefore, it would not make sense to use lightweight materials. In other words, the material you have made for economic reasons may wear out and incur greater costs. It will be useful to consult the experts of the subject while making the roof.

In addition, tiles or heavy roofing materials may damage the structure over time in unstable structures. Each ingredient has its pros and cons. The properties of the building and the environment should be analyzed and decided. Its location and architecture should be considered.

Which Material Can Be Practically Applied?

Roof materialmay vary depending on the architecture and environmental conditions of the building. Which material is widely used in that region, is it easy to reach the masters in situations that require repair? These issues should be considered. In addition, the harmony with the architecture of the place and its aesthetic appearance should not be overlooked. Factors such as the slope of the roof, climatic conditions, maintenance costs will be decisive.

How Is Roof Repair Done?

In case of any deterioration in your roofs, you can repair the roof by contacting the company or craftsmen that you have built the roof. Roof repair materials will differ according to the type of roof. Whatever material it is made of, repairs are made according to the properties of that material.

How Is Roof Insulation Made?

Today, developing technology has positively affected the construction industry. All of the constructions made keep up with the developing technology. Today, energy efficiency is of great importance.

For this reason, heat insulation is kept at a high level in constructions. The designs of the houses or buildings vary according to the conditions of the location and the architecture of the building. In addition, roof insulations have gained importance recently. Roofs must be durable according to the conditions of their region.

Durable pine wood materials should be used to carry the snow accumulated on the roofs in a snowy place. Trees such as bonito can be preferred in areas with low precipitation. All these situations should be taken into consideration while insulating the roof. The application should be done in a way that does not put too much load on the roof. Polycarbon materials with transparent colors can be used in roof insulation. Or, plexiglass material can be preferred to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

In this text What are the roofing materials? We sought answers to the question. For durable houses, you need to build durable roofs.

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